Hello Church and Happy 4th day of Christmas.

Just a couple things coming up… Of course; 9am worship on Sunday with Holy Communion.

This is the last Sunday of our fiscal year. Your council would like to remind you, that we are running short of our budget for 2018. This is the last Sunday to make a tax deducible donation as well. If we all pitch in, we can make our goals for our budget. Council also extends a THANK YOU for your care and diligence of tending to the budget and ministry of West Union Lutheran Church this past year. We have had an amazing year of ministry.

Next Thursday at 2pm is the Council planning meeting in my office.

January 6th is Epiphany Sunday. We usher in the Light of Christ. We will celebrate a new tradition called Burning of the Greens. At 3pm on that day. Bring you trees, wreaths, and garland up to add to the bonfire outside. Then we will move inside after a brief reading and singing around the fire. You are also invited to bring the leftover cookies and such from the Christmas season.

Here is a little background of this celebration:

Twelfth Night (or Epiphany) is a festival in some branches of Christianity marking the coming of the Epiphany. Different traditions mark the date of Twelfth Night on either 5 January or 6 January; the Church of England, Mother Church of the Anglican Communion, celebrates Twelfth Night on the 5th and "refers to the night before Epiphany, the day when the nativity story tells us that the wise men visited the infant Jesus".

A belief has arisen in modern times, in some English-speaking countries, that it is unlucky to leave Christmas decorations hanging after Twelfth Night, a tradition originally attached to the festival of Candlemas (2 February), which celebrates the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. Other popular Twelfth Night customs include singing Christmas carols, chalking the door, having one's house blessed, merrymaking, as well as attending church services. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelfth_Night_(holiday) Dec. 28, 2018)

Please join us for the fun and family friendly celebration!

As we ring in the New Year this week, I too want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU! For a tremendous year of doing ministry together. We have done a great job of being church in our community. I am excited for our next year of ministry together. God bless you all!!


Pastor Grace

  July 2020  
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