It is almost March, yikes. Sorry we had to cancel worship Sunday, but I am glad we did. It was dangerous out there! One reminder from your council is that our offering is down right this winter by quite a bit, so if you are able help us get closer to our budget goals, we are grateful for all you do give to help us continue our ministry here at West Union.

Bible Study is on for Wednesday morning @ 10. And Sunday after worship. Buddhism is our Chapter.

Choir practice at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to come and sing, we are rehearsing for Easter already. Please join us, the more the merrier.

SUNDAY--- Worship at 9am/ Sunday School at 10

Variety Show -Mardi Gras 3-5pm. Bring your talents and potluck appetizers and share in the celebration!! We have a few ‘acts’ but are looking for more. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to show off!!

Monday March 4th 7pm Christian Education Committee Meeting @ church. Lots to discuss, please make this meeting a priority. thank


Ash Wednesday Worship. Noon and 7pm. Lunch following noon worship. Dinner (Church Basement Ladies style) at 6pm. Pastor Sarah and I will be at East Union 7-9am offering prayer and ashes to go!

Stay Warm

  July 2020  
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