Wow! What a week it is. I am most grateful for you, my faith community, for your support and prayers during this time following my father’s death. I am a bit more scattered than usual, so please bear with me.


Thank you to those who are supplying bars for the funeral luncheon, if anyone who was not contacted (serving group was) and would like to help out with a pan of bars, please get in touch with Cheryl Anderson about what we need. Thanks in advance.


THINGS NOT HAPPENING THIS WEEK: Outreach meeting tonight. S’more worship Wednesday night.

THINGS STILL HAPPENING: Craft time at church on Wednesday @ 10am. Worship on Sunday. Youth Mission Trip information meeting at Jenni Wulf’s Sunday evening.


  1. Tom Stuewe: The Lion’s Club is looking for individuals or 2 person teams to monitor sites at Cologne Glad Days Amazing Race. There will be some light statistical work involved, recording time on cell phone and signing off on a score card. Event is July 27 starts at 11:00 a.m. and will take an hour or slightly longer to complete. Various site locations on Hwy 284 and adjacent streets. Individuals or teams will work only one site. If there are any questions, e-mail tdmkstuewe@aol.com or call/text 952/201-8630.


Families Moving Forward. Sign up for the week our group host’s at Our Lady of the Prairie is up. If you don’t know where to find that we may contact Diane Koepp directly, she will sign you up.


My schedule the next couple weeks: July 15-19 I am at Green Lake Camp. July 22-23 Continuing Education in beautiful Gaylord Minnesota. July 24-31st in Denver with Youth on Mission Trip. August 1-7 Vacation. If you have a Pastoral Emergency contact the office for information or Darcy directly during that time.


That’s it for now. Please keep my family in your prayers.

Pastor Grace


  July 2020  
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