Ocotber 7 2019


It is good to see the sun shining brightly this morning as I sit in my lazy boy chair and get a little work done. Many of the announcements that follow have been a part of my E-Blast for a few weeks, they are a reminder that we have lots going on at WULC. Come and be a part!!

REFORAMTION/ALL SAINTS SUNDAY: This year, mostly due to my vacation and my love of both key days in our church year, we are celebrating them together on October 27th. As the 2 days are actually just a few hours apart in real time. (Oct 31 and Nov 1st) We will begin our service as Reformation with a Baptism. Luther would be proud!! Then move into celebrating our Saints. As part of this special worship we are inviting you to bring a picture or two of people in your life that have gone to their eternal glory and were an important part of your life and faith journey. We will display them throughout the sanctuary, surrounding us. As protesters (Protestants) the color of the day is RED. You are invited to wear red that day.

Fellowship: We need people to sign up to host our fellowship time together following worship each Sunday. Please consider helping with this important ministry of our church. I also encourage you to invite others to come who generally do not, and I encourage to sit and talk with people you usually don’t sit and talk with. I know, that seems scary- but I know you can do it.

NEW MEMBER CLASS Wednesday October 23rd 7pm: Please see Pastor Grace if you are interested in attending this class, also if you are interested in membership and cannot make this date. We are flexible.

Council Meeting: Monday October 14th 7pm

Adult Study for Fall WEDNESDAY MORNING @ 10 we will catch up on our study of this book. Chapters 2-4. Sunday, we are moving onto Chapters 5 and 6. We are reading and discussing the book “Martin Luther and the Call Life” by; Mark Tranvik. Dr. Tranvik is a professor of Religious Study at Augsburg University

  1. Meals - On November 23, 2019, in partnership with Love Inc., we will package and deliver meals to about 125 families in our community. As a congregation, we collect food items for the packages throughout the fall season. Please bring your food items to the table in the Sanctuary: 9/29 – Gravy, 10/6 – Cake & Frosting, 10/13 – Jello, 10/20 – Stuffing, 10/27 – Sweet Potatoes & Marshmallows, 11/3 – Canned Vegetables, 11/10 – Frozen Rhodes Rolls, 11/17 – Frozen Turkey (we are always short turkeys). We also encourage you to get your children and family involved in this family-friendly event. Volunteer the day of the event by signing up on the sign in the narthex. The event is Saturday, November 23rd, in Chaska in the morning hours.

BINGO Night – Come support the Youth Group as they host dinner and BINGO THIS Sunday, October 13th. Dinner starts at 5pm and the first game is called at 5:30. Dinner will be Church Basement Ladies themed with something for everyone. Prizes will be awesome. Bring along your friends and neighbors!

I have a couple workshop days coming up that I will be out for: This Thursday and Friday. I am also participating in a weeklong training next week so help build my skills as we grow as a church into God’s future. Always learning and growing to serve the church and God in this best way I can.


Happy Fall y'all,

Pastor Grace.

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