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Community Garden

West Union Community Gardens Rules and Regulations (updated 2019)

  1. Each person will provide a name, address and contact phone number
  2. Plots will not be assigned until payment is made
  3. All persons will provide their own seeds, plants and weed control
  4. Participants only walk on their own plot or the designated areas between plots
  5. Herbicides that will carry over to the next year are not allowed
  6. Water is on site at no charge. Please return hoses to center area
  7.  All equipment, tools, trellises and miscellaneous must be removed at year’s end
  8. Vining type plants must be confined within the plot borders
  9. Chemicals may only be used within individual plot boundaries.
  10. Satellite restroom will be available for all participants
  11. All trash and garbage goes in available cans or the dumpster by the church.
  12. West Union will not be responsible for any tools or valuables left on premises
  13. Rocks shall remain on the plot or under the spruce trees (Not between the plots where the lawn mower will hit them)
  14. Pulled weeds shall remain on the plot or placed under the spruce trees 
  15. If weeds have taken over a plot where I can no longer see what has been planted, the weeds will be mowed.


If there are any questions, contact Jennifer Nobilis
Cell: 507-380-2684