Who We Are

West Union stands as a beacon of Christ's love, welcoming all on their unique spiritual journeys. Our mission of Love, Lead, Live is rooted in creating a sanctuary where community and faith intertwine across generations. Fueled by generous stewardship and active member engagement, we strive to be a cornerstone in our community, practicing our faith daily.

Our values reflect this mission: fostering a united community inspired by Jesus' compassion, nurturing spiritual growth that blends tradition with contemporary insights, and valuing integrity in all our interactions. We embrace generational diversity, recognizing the unique contributions of each member to our collective faith journey. Our outreach extends beyond the church, serving as a tangible expression of our commitment to sow seeds of hope and service.

In essence, West Union is more than a church—it's a living, thriving community where faith is actively practiced and shared, making a real difference in the lives of our members and beyond.



Join us for a warm and welcoming worship experience at 9am every Sunday. Our worship gatherings are filled with heartfelt songs, thoughtful reflections, and a strong sense of community, where children and youth are encouraged to be themselves as we explore and celebrate our faith journey together.

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Faith Formation

At our church, we're dedicated to nurturing faith at every stage of life. Our sermons connect timeless wisdom to the challenges of today, children engage in meaningful learning during worship, youth gather on Wednesday nights for growth and fellowship, and we offer both daytime and evening adult Bible studies to deepen your spiritual journey. Come be a part of our vibrant faith community!

Ways to Connect

What to Expect

  • You'll be seen and greeted with warm smiles

  • No dress code – everyone is welcome as they are

  • A joyful, safe, and fun children's learning experience during the sermon.

  • Engaging worship with heart-touching songs using traditional and contemporary music.

  • An inspiring and applicable message for all

  • Typical worship duration: An hour

  • Our goal: leave with a new perspective, new connections, and anticipation for your return.



We have a place for you and your family.

A church where every spiritual and lived experience is embraced.

A safe space for your children to learn Christ's love and self-worth.

A community where your family can grow together with other families.


What we believe

We believe in a community formed by God's grace, where all are invited to explore their faith and experience genuine belonging. Through spiritual development, generational investment, integrity, and compassionate outreach, we actively practice our faith, nurturing a lifelong journey of kindness, inclusivity, and service that extends beyond our church walls to sow seeds of hope and love in our community.


Discover Your Purpose

Everyone, at some point, wonders who they are because it determines how we see ourselves. We know people come to church with many identities– some positive, some negative.


Our goal is for you to see yourself the way God sees you. Jesus, the Son of God, taught that we are children who are valued, forgiven and loved unconditionally in God’s eyes. We want you to think, trust and live knowing that you are a child of God so that you experience the goodness purposed for you here and now.

This Is A Place Where You Can Find Community

If you’ve been going through the motions and wishing for more, you’re not alone. Every person has a need to connect with something greater than themselves and with other people who are working to love God and love their neighbor.

Jesus invites us into a new way of life, following "The Way." The Way is Jesus' way: breaking bread and helping those in need.