If two lie down together, they can stay warm. But how can anyone stay warm alone? Also, one can be overpowered, but two together can put up resistance. A three-ply cord doesn’t easily snap.

Ecclesiastes 4

A wedding is the Christian celebration of a couple's love and
commitment to each other and to God.


This sacred ceremony, in which you enter into a covenant with God and one another, creates the foundation for your marriage. By choosing to be married by a representative of God’s Church, you are inviting God’s presence in your wedding and purposely asking for God’s blessing upon the marriage.

Most weddings with West Union Lutheran are held in the sanctuary. This historic, warm and inviting space seats approximately 250 guests. Built in the early 1860s it's been well maintained, and modern tastes added. Beautiful stain-glass windows line our sanctuary with a simple, yet gorgeous altar that reaches towards the heavens. It provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Outdoor under our huge maple trees or weddings offsite are also available.

For further information, view our Wedding Preparation booklet. Pastor Adam is flexible and wants to make a wedding ceremony that speaks to you and meets you are on your journey of faith.

For any other questions about available dates or policies, contact the church office.

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