The Country Market Fest provides funding for West Union Ministries

Live Music

Unveiling soon: A dynamic live music performance that's bound to inspire. Stay tuned for the artist reveal!


Kid Fest

Conquer the bounce house obstacle courses and thrilling games for endless fun and laughter. 

Country Indulgence

Discover the Ultimate Country Bake Sale, Where Time-Honored Techniques Create Simply Irresistible Treats. Dive into Delight!



We have an exciting "choose your own adventure" raffle. Items on the raffle currently include:

Satisfy Your Cravings

Mornings: Savor Breakfast Burritos & Sweet Cinnamon Rolls.
Lunch: Juicy Burgers with Freshly Picked Sweet Corn. Yum!!

Harvest Market

Local gardeners and farmers showcase their talents through handmade crafts and delicious canned goods. Discover authentic flavors and exquisite craftsmanship.


Discover unique treasures from local craft and direct sales vendors – a vibrant marketplace awaits, filled with creativity and quality.

The vendor fee is $25 per 8ft table space. We'd ask that if you can donate an item for a drawing, that would be appreciated.

Vendor Application - Coming soon

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