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Murder Mystery Dinner

February 25. 5:15 arrive for 5:30 game start.

Contact a Youth of West Union that you know or email the church office.

Tickets: $120 (table) or $15 (per ticket)
8 seats to a table

Pepi Roni, restaurant owner of La Speranza, was shot in the back with his own pistol. You'll join others of the Roni family and friends to mourn his death, eat Lasagna (veggie and gluten free available) and perhaps discover who killed him. Was it you??



Characters you can choose from for your table:


The Family

Mama Rosa
Pepi's grieving widow. For 25 years you've cooked that pasta. In all your years you never argued with Pepi. Had something boiled over?

Marco Roni
Your the loving son who has worked as a waiter all your life. Postponing your potential to play in the soccer world cup.

Angel Roni
The beautiful daughter. Your mom and dad have dreams of you marrying a good Italian boy. You have other dreams.


The Other Family

Rocco Scarfazzi
The distant twin brother of Pepi. Tough and no nonsense. You run a great wine organization (that is definitely not into money laundering). 

Bo Jalais
A cousin, to the family and you run the wine business of Rocco's. No one knows 'ze' grapes like you.

Tara Misu
Sure your young and beautiful. But you're also bright. You've put a smile on your fiancee's face (Rocco's) and a hold on his assests.

The Friends

Clair Voyant
The best friend of Mama Rosa and the astrology advisor. You can communicate with the dead and see the future.


Father Al Fredo
The long-time father of the Roni family. You've heard all their confessions of sins. All of them. You also always carry a bottle of wine, for sacrament purposes.

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